Amanda Scheidt - Owner / Esthetician

I love making women feel good about themselves- especially in a culture where they are constantly tending to the needs of others. My mission in building The Brow Boutique is to be a place where women can get back to themselves and hit the "refresh" button. I strongly believe that self-confidence is rooted in self-love, so I seek to help women honor themselves.  I have found that brows and lashes are a quick and essential way for women to update their look, offering lift, definition, and customization.

I am minimalist and a stickler for straight lines. I believe the key to a sleek natural brow is not over doing it with product. My signature collection of brow products was created to enhance the brows in a soft manner without looking like they are drawn on. The brows are the focal point on your face and an over done brow can make you unapproachable. After I have completed shaping a clients brows I have them hold up a mirror to watch me apply the most important finishing touches so they can achieve the same perfection at home.